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    November 11, 2019 /  Home Products & Services

    3 Reasons Why Stun Batons Are A Great Protection Tool

    Today, it is getting more and more dangerous to walk the streets alone as there are many robbers, thieves, molesters, and murderers. However, there are just times when you cannot avoid that situation. If you must, at least take something with you to protect you. The stun baton has actually been named one of the best protection tools women should carry around with them. There are actually quite a lot of great benefits to the stun baton. You will be able to learn more about the stun batons and the benefits it provides if you continue reading this article. So here now are the top 3 benefits to stun batons as protection tools.

    Stun batons are effective wherever you hit; this is the first great benefit. Imagine the panic you will feel when you actually encounter someone that wants to steal from you or hurt you. This is one downside to pepper spray, you might not be able to hit the eye of the person if you are so panic. Now the great thing about the stun batons is that it will shock no matter where you touch the person with it, the tip of his hands, back, or anywhere else really. So this is one reason why the stun baton is considered one of the best protection tools for women.

    Stun batons are so beneficial because the shocks it sends are very strong. The safest thing that you can do is run, but running could make them even more eager to catch you and harm you. The great thing about the stun baton is that it sends really strong shocks, making anyone double over and not be able to move for quite a while. So you can run without any pursuers and maybe even ask for help. So this is the second great benefit that stun batons can provide.

    Stun batons can extend farther for longer reach; this is the third great benefit. If you do not dare get too close to the man or men, then you might feel hopeless, even with stun batons. The great news is that it does not matter if they are very close to you or a short distance away, you can use your stun baton on them. You will really be able to have a longer reach because of the extension feature. And this is great, again, because you can avoid them getting anywhere close to you and thus grabbing the stun baton out of your hand. You can expect this great benefit to be yours if you bring a stun baton to protect you.


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